Homemade Gourmet Yeast "Cinn-A-Shot"

From time to time we can all use a shot.... A shot of LOVE!!!!

When that need comes, we here at Beneva Mayweather Foods have developed the "Cinn-A-Shot".

The Cinn-A-Shot is a great complement to your morning coffee, mid-day snack urge, or just a quick sweet fix that satifies that craving just right.

The Cinn-A-Shot comes in a pan that is both microwavable and oven safe up to 400 degrees fahrenheit which makes it ideal for a warming up to make that perfect soft bun melt in your mouth.

They come 6 to a case and as with all of our baked good items, they contain no preservatives.

So when it's time to take a shot, remember there's never a bad time for a shot of LOVE!!!!!

Beneva Mayweather's Homemade Gourmet Yeast Cinn-A-Shot!!

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